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Welcome to the 3v2 Soccer Academy!

Please enjoy browsing our website and the many pages of information we have provided. We hope that you find it useful and that we are able to provide you with the information you are looking for. If not, please get in touch with us by completing our enquiry form or by calling us directly where we will be only too happy to assist you further.

The 3v2 Soccer Academy has been running since 2010 & is widely regarded as Edinburgh's fastest growing independent football coaching company for children and adults.

Based throughout the city of Edinburgh, our number one priority is to provide our participants with the platform to be taught all the fundamentals of the game of football without detracting from our most important factor...fun & enjoyment! Through this we aim to also provide all participants with the principles and values in which to develop many other areas of their lives and we pride ourselves on the level of importance we place in developing young people in order to achieve this.

We fully appreciate and understand that as people and footballers, we all learn in many different ways and for that very reason we believe we have designed a football coaching programme that is not only very unique and much talked about, but also ensures that each of our footballers, be it young or old, develop and flourish in a happy environment to achieve their personal goals. Our sole aim is to make the game of football one that people enjoy and one that from an early age will hopefully only leave a happy and positive long lasting impression.


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The 3v2 Soccer Academy






Saturday 30th July 2016


That's us now officially on holiday!

The football boots have been replaced by flip flops and we are away to put the feet up and enjoy a well earned rest!

There will be no more football until we return and start back on Monday 22nd of August. We will look forward to seeing you all again then.

If you have any enquiries in the meantime please do still get in touch. However please accept our apologies in advance for a slower than normal response. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

See you all soon!

And thanks again for a terrific summer so far.


Friday 29th July 2016


A massive thank you to everyone who attended any of our Summer Soccer Camps! They were brilliantly attended and terrific fun throughout!

It has been our biggest and busiest summer ever!!!

Thank you so much.

An extra special thanks to all the grown ups for signing your child up and bringing them along each and every day. We really appreciate it.

We really hope your son or daughter enjoyed themselves and we hope to see you at another Camp soon!

Please note that October Camp bookings are already being taken!

Please plan ahead to avoid missing out. Have a fantastic rest of summer! Thanks again.


Wednesday 29th June 2016


All weekly classes are now off until after the holiday.

Our normal timetable will resume from Monday 22nd August onwards. Unless you have been notified otherwise.

And unless you are signed up to attend our soccer camps in which case we will see you sooner!

For any further enquiries  regarding our classes or camps please do get in touch. Spaces are still available for both!

We'll see you all soon!

Happy holidays!






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