"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs"



Jennifer Wallace, Parent, Birthday Party

"I just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing party on Saturday! The kids all had a brilliant time and are still talking about it! Today Sonny asked if he could have another party with Roddy and Murdo again this weekend!!! We were delighted at how smoothly it all went and know that the staff at the venue were really impressed with you guys as well.

They mentioned it a few times! Percy was fantastic! A real hit. Thanks again for everything. You guys are just so good with the kids! See you at Holiday Camp for more fun!."

Michaela O'Tooles, Parent, Holiday Camp

'"Thank you so much! Abi had a great time at the summer camp as always! You are such lovely guys and what a fantastic service you provide. Amazing! Enjoy your well deserved time off and we'll see you again next time.

Thank you!"

Lisa Olsson, Parent, Holiday Camp

"Thank you so much for all your hard work at both the classes and the holiday camp. Harry has absolutely loved it all! He's been absolutely buzzing each day this week so hats off to you.

You do an amazing job and we really appreciate all your effort. Thanks.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!"

Malcolm Brown, Parent, Talent Development Class

''I felt it was important to let you know just how much my son enjoys his class on a Friday evening with Murdo & Roddy. Aside from the football & the many invaluable things he learns on a weekly basis, socially it has been brilliant for him & his confidence & self esteem have really soared. He shows more enthusiasm for coming along on a Friday evening than he does at any other time during the week. He loves it.! It's been brilliant for him."

Chris Ravenscroft, Parent, Leith Class age 3-5

''With Mathew having just started school I wanted to pass on my praise for the great work that has been done by you guys in preparing him for such a big step. It has been almost seamless & I think a major part of that is down to what he learns on a Saturday morning at his football. Simple things like group interaction, class discipline & learning how to take instruction from a coach/teacher has really helped. Many thanks...keep up the great work lads.''

Laura Tickell, Parent, Joppa Class age 3-5

"The class was fantastic! Alistair loved it and keeps asking when he's going back. I honestly couldn't give it enough praise and the guys are so good with the kids. I wish them all the best-they deserve all the success in the world."

Amy Carse, Parent, Pilrig Class age 3-5

''Aaron had a brilliant time and he's been talking about it all day ever since!!! With it being his first day at football, I really wasn't sure how he would be but he really surprised me and settled in fantastically well. He has been to lots of other classes, but hasn't enjoyed them as much as he did today! I love the fact that its not all about football, and instead the coaches really install little things like class discipline which is invaluable when it comes to him going to school next summer. Thanks guys!''

Sofie Young, Parent, Pilrig Class age 3-5

''Joseph hasn't really done anything like this before but thoroughly enjoyed his first day and is already looking forward to next Saturday! I was really surprised at how well he did and as a parent I thought the class content was really good, and pitched at exactly the right level. He has been showing his dad all evening the things that he learned today which has been really funny! He loved it. See you next week!''

David Dunbar, Parent, Pilrig Class age 6-8

''Its been a great first day and Findlay had a great time. He's not only learning key skills but also meeting new friends at the same time. As a parent, I must comment on the terrific choice in venue. Its very welcoming, the hall is the ideal size, and unlike other venues which I've been to, a lot warmer and much better for the kids. I wish you both every success in the future. I think the 3v2 Soccer Academy is a great idea and the work you are doing is fantastic "

Bennett Simpson, Parent, Talent Development Class

''Some feedback from last night...The boys absolutely loved the training. Callum was raving about how good it was. Thanks again lads and best of luck.''

Evonne Tweed, Parent, Joppa Class age 3-5

"My little girl is really enjoying herself at the class and has really surprised me with her enthusiasm for coming along each week! She is having so much fun, has met a lot of great friends and all she wants to talk about to her dad until the next session is what she has learned that day. The coaches really know how to get the best out of the children and more importantly while teaching all the correct habits and showing the correct degree of class discipline...they always keep the football activity so much fun! I'd definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks."

Kate Smith, Parent, Talent Development Class

"Elliot loved his first week at football and is already looking forward to next Friday. Thanks very much for making him feel so welcome."

Vince Slaven, Parent, Corstorphine Class age 3-5

"Best football class I've ever taken my son to. He loves it. We tried Socatots but he didn't enjoy it. Roddy & Murdo really know how to connect and communicate with the kids on their level and really bring fun into it. The kids are learning football is a game to be enjoyed. Well done lads."

Connor Griffin and Lewis Brittian, Participants, Talent Development Class

"We really enjoy the class because we are learning every week. The activities and games that we get are really fun, and we really look forward to coming to each session. It's brilliant"

Susan Wallace, Parent, Corstorphine Class age 3-5

"Christopher really enjoys everything about the classes. He is learning to listen well and is getting fit at the same time. It has been great for him! Excellent work guys. Many thanks."

Claire Steele, Parent, Corstorphine Class age 3-5

"Cody looks forward to a Monday because of his football! He loves it & really enjoys the class. The 2 coaches are great with the kids."

Alex Boyack, Parent, Joppa Class age 3-5

"Teddy absolutely loves the class and always has a smile on his face. Fab work guys!."

Angela Raeburn, Parent, Birthday Party

"A 3v2 Soccer Academy party was suggested to me by a friend and so I contacted the guys regarding my little girls 6th birthday. Both Roddy and Murdo the 2 coaches were fantastic with myself and really made my daughters day very special. They couldn't have done more for her and she left afterwards so chuffed! As a result I booked her onto one of there weekly classes, where she is having a great time and meeting lots of new friends. I would recommend a birthday party to anyone looking for something a little bit different for there kids. It was very good! Thanks boys."

Keith Hamilton, Parent, Easter Soccer Camp

'' Thanks guys, Dylan enjoyed his couple of days with you both. We will be back for the summer for sure. Keep up the great work and good luck for the future.''

Gail Mcintyre, Parent, Easter Soccer Camp

'' Thank you both for organising a fantastic Easter Camp for the kids. Daniel had great fun and is hoping there is another one in the summer. The photos are excellent! See you both next Saturday.''

Claire Kelly, Parent, Easter Camp

'' Liam had a great time. He keeps talking about it and is already looking forward to the summer!!! Thanks guys.''

Neil Maclean, Parent, Talent Development Class

'' The sessions are brilliant-Thanks for all your help! Struan is loving his football right now. Better still, he is very sleepy on a Saturday morning!!!''

Alan Spence, Parent, Talent Development Class

'' Daniel is really enjoying the class and is really benefiting as a football player. Many thanks.''

Clare Mackay, Parent, Pilrig Class age 3-5

''I received the following feedback from Max's nursery teacher last week whilst at his parents evening and I wanted to share it with you both. She said that ' Max is obviously really benefiting from his time at his football class, as he not only shows a great example to others at all times when we do any kind of sporting activity, but better still has even created a 'football class' of his own with the other children and calls it 'Mad Max's football club'!!! Really made me laugh! Thanks guys once again.''

Denise Lees, Parent, Birthday Party

"I could not have been happier with how Evan's birthday party went. He had a great day because he was playing football with all his friends, while for myself as a parent I found it totally stress free. As a result we all enjoyed it as a family.

Everything was just perfect & it made for a great day. It was fantastic value for money and I will be sure to mention your Soccer Academy to all my friends! Thanks again guys. You were both fantastic!"

Mr Blinstone, Parent, Craiglockhart Class age 3-5

'' I've seen many other classes like your own but never until today seen a group of children so in control, so captivated and the whole time having so much fun. As a parent it was incredible to watch. You should be really proud of the great job you are both doing. Really well done.''

Tanja Kling, Parent, Pilrig Class age 3-5

"Alvin is really going to miss his football class, miss having fun with the other children, miss scoring goals and miss you guys greatly.

Unfortunately, the hardest part when we have to return to Germany is trying to find another football class like the 3v2 Soccer Academy...almost an impossible task. Thanks so much for looking after him. He has had a wonderful time! Best wishes.''

Jacqueline Taylor, Parent, Easter Soccer Camp

''Thank you guys so much! The children had a cracking time...and I really can't believe that Morven lasted the whole week! I would definitely recommend your holiday camps. They are fab! I have already been ordered to put their names down for the summer ones! Thanks again.

We will be seeing you again soon!''

Karen Hay, Parent, Birthday Party

 "I just wanted to say thank you for the party that you did yesterday.

Thomas and  all of his friends had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the fun activities that you played with them. You were brilliant and it was by far the best birthday party he has had or been to! Thanks again."

Alison Phayre, Parent, Talent Development Class

'' I just wanted to say thank you very much for making football such a big part of Jamie's life (and love!). He has been coming to your classes for 6 years and his progression through the levels has been enhanced by your teaching skills and a very genuine rapport with all the boys. Jamie is really sorry to be leaving but we wish you only very good luck for the future. Thanks for everything.''

Jen Farrar, Parent, Birthday Party

''Thanks so much for today guys. It was brilliant!!! All the kids had a great time and all the parents that were there thought you were amazing with the kids and were wondering why you can't be in schools teaching Physical Education and inspiring the next generation. It was that good!

Thank you once again. Very much appreciated.''

Pauline Brown, Parent, Birthday Party

''Thank you for all you did today. You guys did an outstanding job and Charlie and all his friends loved it! It was an excellent party.

Thank you very much.''

Lesley Veitch, Parent, Birthday Party

'' I can't recommend the 3v2 Soccer Academy enough!

I recently had a 6th birthday party for my son and we hired a local community centre. Once the boys came along we closed the doors for 1 hour 15 minutes of football and left them to it...Bliss!

The feedback has been great from all the kids and parents and I would definitely recommend you to all my friends. It was a fantastic party and all the kids left chuffed! Finlay got a card and medal while all the rest of the boys were delighted with their football certificates. Thanks once again.''

Vicki Telfer, Parent, Craiglockhart Class

''My son has been attending your Craiglockhart class for over a year now and absolutely loves it! The coaching he receives is very good, all the kids have such great fun & the coaches Roddy and Murdo are very very good at what they do. I would recommend you guys to anyone!''

Terry Williamson , Grandparent, Pilrig Class

"My two grandsons both come along to your classes in Leith on a Saturday morning and thoroughly enjoy themselves. The coaches have a wonderful rapport with all the kids and the parents and really have created a fantastic atmosphere around the sessions. It is great to see such positivity! Really well done to all connected with your academy. I think it is a wonderful little thing you have going and wish you every success in the future.''

Catherine Abbot & Karen Wilson, Playgroup Staff,
The Toddler Hut Portobello

''The 3v2 Soccer Academy have been coming to do fortnightly football sessions at the Portobello Toddler Hut since April 2012 when they came to do a taster session with the children...it was such a huge success with the children and staff alike that it was agreed that it would become a regular arrangement .The Toddler Hut is a local playgroup in Portobello that provides a service for children from 2.5-5 years old and the days that 3v2 come have quickly become some of the children's and staff's favourite days!

The sessions that Roddy and Murdo have planned are always brilliantly organised and great fun. The themes they use in the sessions are great because they are also so varied yet always relevant to the children making it easier for them to relate to the tasks they are being asked to perform.

Roddy and Murdo are great at building the children's confidence with lots of praise, encouragement, laughter and fun. It has been amazing for the staff to see how well some of the children are developing during the sessions.

The Portobello Toddler Hut would thoroughly recommend the 3v2 Soccer Academy to any adults, children or any other similar groups of all ages.

They have been such a brilliant addition to the service we are able to offer our children and the feedback from the children, parents and staff has been fantastic and always 100% positive. This is reflected in the question we are asked most mornings... 'Are Roddy and Murdo coming today?' "

Lisa Bradley, Primary School Teacher

''I was lucky enough to have 3v2 Soccer Academy come to my school to do taster sessions during our health week. My primary 1 class absolutely loved them and for weeks after were asking ''when are the football men coming back?''

Murdo and Roddy immediately captured the children's imagination with their fun animal theme and had my class of 25 hanging off their every word! The session was not only great fun but was also creative, structured and progressive.
Both Murdo and Roddy were extremely positive with the children and their activities pitched at the perfect level from nursery up to Primary 7.

I would definitely recommend 3v2 Soccer Academy to any nursery or school looking for an educational, structured and above all else fun class.''

Debbie Higgins, Playgroup Leader, Pilmeny Youth Centre

''Roddy and Murdo make the sessions fun and enjoyable for the children and have a great rapport with them.

The weekly sessions that they deliver are suitably planned for the age, and stage appropriate to the children in our group. The sessions have helped build and extend the childrens' gross motor skills and has seen a huge improvement in their confidence. Parents from the group have commented how it has helped their childrens' balance and co-ordination and the feedback has been nothing but positive at all times.

The 3v2 Soccer Academy is a fantastic way to engage children in group physical play & something which I would highly recommend to anyone.''

Carrie Tabb, Parent, Birthday Party

''Thanks for a wonderful birthday party today! Rory had an absolute blast and I haven't ever seen him smile any bigger-he was grinning from ear to ear!!! You had the party goers eating out of your hands! It was brilliant. Thank you.''

John Ogilvie, Parent, Matchplay Event

''I just think its terrific that the kids have something like this. It's somewhere they can come, play, learn and develop all in such a brilliantly relaxed environment. What I particularly enjoy from standing here on the sidelines is just how little input, in a positive way, the coaches give on the day. It is a case of just putting on the boots and playing football with your pals! Exactly how it should be. It is so well run, structured, disciplined but above all else fun. A brilliant thing for any kid.''

Debbie Higgins, Parent, Birthday Party

''Thank you so much for doing Finn's 5th birthday party on Sunday. All the kids had a fantastic time. You guys did a fantastic job and made it so much fun for the kids.....Percy the panda went down a treat providing that extra wow factor to the day. You have made Finn's 5th birthday one he will never forget. Massive thumbs up to 3v2 birthday parties.''

Pauline Needham, Parent, Birthday Party

''Thank you so much for today! All the kids had an amazing time. Especially Frankie who has had a fantastic birthday! It has been excellent and all the many parents have been singing your praises ever since. Many Thanks! Pauline, Paul and Frankie''

Kimberley Campbell, Parent, Craiglockhart Class

''Archie has had an absolute ball for the short time he's been with you and I personally wanted to say how much I've been impressed with your organisation.  We've experienced a lot of clubs and groups over the last few years and yours has been, by far, the best.  Your culture and ethos are brilliant and the professionalism with which you deliver your services is second to none.

I hope to bring Archie back some time in the future but in the meantime, I'll be sure to recommend you highly to all my friends and acquaintances with little people!

All the best. Kimberley ''

Fiona Wilson, Parent, Birthday Party

''Just a wee note to say thanks a million for Archie's party on Saturday. The boys had an absolutely brilliant time and loved every second. You guys are simply the best. Thanks again. Fiona''

Kelly Scott, Parent, Birthday Party

"A massive thank you to you guys for making Thomas's 6th birthday party a fantastic one. We couldn't have wished for it to go any better!

Thomas had talked about having a football party for a year and you certainly exceeded our expectations as to what a football party could be.

The way you managed to engage 20 5/6 year olds for 1hr 15 mins was incredible to watch.  Feedback from parents and children has been excellent. The kids had so much fun.

From the invitations you provided, answering my questions before hand, setting up early and the enthusiasm shown from you kept me confident that it was going to run smoothly.

Now we have our 3 year old Lewis talking about wanting a football party for his 4th birthday which isn't until November! Its going to be a long 8 months until then....

Thanks again guys, definitely be recommending you to other parents.

From Kelly and Symon."

Fiona Wilson, Parent, World Cup

"Think you guys should take a huge pat on the back for today and everything you do. Archie was up at 05.30 well hyper and his wee face when he came home. Shattered but so so chuffed.  Thanks guys. Brilliant just brilliant. Well done!"

Nicola Goveia, Parent, World Cup

"Nathan had a ball and loves his medal! He spent the rest of the afternoon playing footie in the back garden! 3 hours at the World Cup can't have been enough!!! You both did a fab job in planning and organising it. Great afternoon. Thanks. Nicola"

Sofie Anita, Parent, World Cup

"Fantastic afternoon, incredibly well organised and professional, most definitely a memory that Joseph will have for a long time.

I know Mark and I will. He slept with his trophy last night and took it into school to show everyone today! Thanks guys. Fantastic!"

John Hunt, Parent, World Cup

"A fantastic day and Johannes had a great time. His trophy has been in to school and all his pals have seen it.

It was incredibly well organised, well done for such good work.

It's something we'll all remember.

Thank you."

Stephanie Mitchell, Parent, Holiday Camp

"Hi Guys! I just wanted to say thanks so much for a brilliant week.

Finlay loved it and it's great to see him so focussed on something like this. Apart from the obvious health benefits of running about outside for several hours each day, he also seems to be learning other skills, e.g. listening, taking turns, dealing with different kinds of people and personalities and of course, winning and losing, it's all part of life.

We also thought the mini world cup was brilliant, really well organised, the boys loved it and it was so nice for us to see him play. Finlay has his 'real gold' medal in pride of place in his room and if I'm good he lets me look at it! He's loving his football right now. Thanks again to you both."

Lynette Miller Gottlieb, Parent, Holiday Camp

"3v2... I just wanted to share what a huge impact you had on my son Liam this summer during the July Pilrig Park Holiday Camp. We returned to Oregon, USA, and Liam's first school project was a story he wrote called "Soccer Camp in Scotland." It is 3 pages long. Moreover, on his U8 team as part of AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) he has scored 11 times in the past 2 games. Other team members parents are asking us if we work a lot with him (no!), and other teams are even asking where he got his skills.

We just wanted you to know that you played a huge role in our Scottish summer and we are amazed with our son's passion for soccer. So thank you very much!"

Helen Grant, Parent, Birthday Party

"Thanks for doing the birthday party yesterday. Everyone enjoyed themselves and both Richard and I were very impressed by how you got all the kids engaged, kept them in check if required and your professional manner in general.

Even Tobey who is scared of balls, which we didn't know about before the party, got stuck in.

His dad was very impressed!

You've certainly changed my mind about letting Alex go to football training if all the coaches are as good as you.


Thanks again.''

Helen, Richard and Alex.

Catherine Hinchcliffe, Parent, Birthday Party

"Hi guys! Thank you so much for all your hard work at William's party today. He had a wonderful time and the feedback has been tremendous - you are both such naturals with the kids! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thank you."

Amanda Edwards, Owner, The Cosy Cottage Nursery

"Good morning! Just wanted to thank you so much for coming in to  do a session with the children.

They absolutely loved it, they have done nothing but talk about you guys all week!

They are also much more interested in joining in ball games in the garden with us.

The parents really enjoyed seeing the photos and videos on our Facebook page and commented on how fun it looks.

Many thanks again. Amanda."

Eduarda Mateus, Parent, Northfield Class, Age 5-7

"Hi Roddy and Murdo,

This is the second year my sons have attended your football lessons and let me tell you how much they love it and how highly I regard your work!

Last year, I saw some 3 year olds very, very slowly coming out of their shell, being welcomed by you and having your support holding their hand to get them started.

I noticed you kept beside them throughout the lesson, slowly allowing the child to grow in confidence, while you slowly withdrew your one to one support. And I saw how these kids became interested into the group.

Your reception of the kids and families is well noticed. You know every child�s name, you always welcome them with a smile and notice so many details about them!

That shows how much you pay attention to individual families and how good you are at communicating with them. Kids love being noticed and welcomed in a kind way and parents love that their child is seen as an individual.

The very first lesson my sons had with you was well structured and age appropriate to every detail.

Your class management, your lesson structure planning and celebration of achievement and goal setting is fantastic.

Your added humour and friendly approach is a great added bonus!

So thank you very much for being the team you are. My sons, my partner and I are very pleased with your work!

Many thanks

Eduarda Mateus"

Amanda Sinclair, Manager, Lothian Autistic Society

"Dear Roddy and Murdo,

I just wanted to send an email to say a real heartfelt thank you for coming in to our October play scheme. The children really seemed to enjoy your session and I was thrilled to see them try something different. We were all really impressed by the session plan and how you worked with the children. I hope you enjoyed your time with the children and would consider working with us again in the future.

On behalf of all of the children and staff thank you again. Wishing you all the best.

Lothian Autistic Society"

Kerry-Anne Millar, Parent, Euros

"Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that the boys had an absolute ball!!!

For their first proper match they did very well running about in the rain for hours! They even went to school this morning with their medals around their necks proud as punch!!!

The boys love you pair and your classes and it's just really nice for them to see such positive male role models.

So keep up the good work!

Cheers Kerry Anne!"







Sunday 24th December 2017


That's us now officially on holiday and all weekly classes off until after the festive holiday period. We will resume from Monday 15th January onwards.

Thank you so much for all your amazing support this last year! It's thoroughly appreciated.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see you all again in 2018!


Friday 21st July 2017


A massive thank you to all who attended our Summer Soccer Camps. They were brilliantly well attended and terrific fun throughout! We really appreciate it. We really hope you all enjoyed yourself and we hope to see you at another Camp soon! Please note that October Camp bookings are already being taken. Please ask for further details.


Wednesday 12th July 2017


We were absolutely thrilled to have been able to recently purchase a defibrillator on the back of what was such an amazing charity day last month! A day in which we managed to raise a fantastic total of  877.45! Thanks again to everyone who very kindly made it possible. You're an amazing bunch!


Saturday 1st July 2017


All weekly classes are now off until after the holiday.

Our normal timetable will resume from Monday 21st of August onwards.

Unless you are signed up to attend any of our Summer soccer camps in which case we will see you in the next 3 weeks.

For any further enquiries regarding our classes or camps please do get in touch. Happy holidays!


Wednesday 10th May 2017


Football Themed Family Fun!

Please come and join us on Sunday 11th June between 2-4pm at Pilrig Park School. All proceeds will go towards helping us buy a defibrillator. All support will be gratefully appreciated! We hope to see you there!


Friday 14th April 2017


A massive thank you to everyone who attended our Easter soccer camps! They were brilliantly attended and terrific fun throughout.

Thanks so much to all the grown ups for bringing your child along each day. We hope your child had a great time! Please see our 'Holiday Camps' page for details of our next camps in the Summer.











































































































































































































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