"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job in hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the very best of ourselves at all times "



The 3v2 Soccer Academy was born and created in the October of 2010 by Roddy Maughan and Murdo Steven and some 3 months later and after a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and excitement, officially opened its doors for the very first time on January 10th 2011.

The boys first met in the summer of 2004 whilst working as football coaches at a holiday soccer camp and an instant friendship and coaching partnership was formed, one that only continues to grow to this day. 3 Years later in 2007, and whilst on a football coaching course, the first ever conversation about creating their own coaching company took place between the boys. What started as an innocent and random comment soon became a serious topic of conversation that ultimately lasted 4 years!

Each time they spoke the reality of their coaching dream became more and more believable. It was to prove such a pivotal moment for them both.

Endless discussion about what they would do and how they would do it, and the challenge of not only offering something different, but more importantly offering it in their own unique way, both from a footballing point of view as coaches, and that as people, it was only a matter of time before that ambition was realised.

4 years on and with all planning done, the new footballs, training cones and bibs in tow, the 3v2 Soccer Academy was out on the road and the boys met its first parents and coached its first children. It was a special feeling and a real reward for all the hard work in taking that first big step. It was a proud moment indeed.

Since that first day, January 10th 2011, the Soccer Academy has continued to go from strength to strength and operates throughout the city of Edinburgh 7 days a week, working in partnership with so many different people and coaching over 1000 children and adults in the process. It had been a remarkable first year and with the help of family, close friends and the on-going support of some fantastic parents, so much was successfully achieved.

With many more things still to come, Roddy and Murdo hope to continue what has so far been a brilliant personal success story, one that they hope you will all continue to enjoy with them. It has so far been incredible!

Thanks for all your support. Here's to the next chapter...






Sunday 24th December 2017


That's us now officially on holiday and all weekly classes off until after the festive holiday period. We will resume from Monday 15th January onwards.

Thank you so much for all your amazing support this last year! It's thoroughly appreciated.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see you all again in 2018!


Friday 21st July 2017


A massive thank you to all who attended our Summer Soccer Camps. They were brilliantly well attended and terrific fun throughout! We really appreciate it. We really hope you all enjoyed yourself and we hope to see you at another Camp soon! Please note that October Camp bookings are already being taken. Please ask for further details.


Wednesday 12th July 2017


We were absolutely thrilled to have been able to recently purchase a defibrillator on the back of what was such an amazing charity day last month! A day in which we managed to raise a fantastic total of  877.45! Thanks again to everyone who very kindly made it possible. You're an amazing bunch!


Saturday 1st July 2017


All weekly classes are now off until after the holiday.

Our normal timetable will resume from Monday 21st of August onwards.

Unless you are signed up to attend any of our Summer soccer camps in which case we will see you in the next 3 weeks.

For any further enquiries regarding our classes or camps please do get in touch. Happy holidays!


Wednesday 10th May 2017


Football Themed Family Fun!

Please come and join us on Sunday 11th June between 2-4pm at Pilrig Park School. All proceeds will go towards helping us buy a defibrillator. All support will be gratefully appreciated! We hope to see you there!


Friday 14th April 2017


A massive thank you to everyone who attended our Easter soccer camps! They were brilliantly attended and terrific fun throughout.

Thanks so much to all the grown ups for bringing your child along each day. We hope your child had a great time! Please see our 'Holiday Camps' page for details of our next camps in the Summer.











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